Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adventures into negligence with, "The Couch Potato"

As we do every winter, us at The Sketch Motel are working on yet another snazzy promotional mailer, and this year, i think we totally knocked it out of the park! The idea is to create a police lineup of various super-villains, who's alter-ego's are either ourselves, or the character was last seen in our individuals "rooms" (ie: our portfolio pages). For as much of a work-a-holic that I am, I have to admit, that The Couch Potato, is quite similar to me...not necessarially the tighty-whites...but his love for the sitcoms.

Super-Villain Name: "The Couch Potato"
Secret Identity: Matthew Smith
Super Power:  The stunning ability to destroy all that enters his path with a slew of random information of sitcoms. He seems like a non-threatening villain to cross, but get near the clicker or his big gulp...and you're in a world of unnecessary taunts as well as an overload of sarcasm, which will stop anyone in their path.
Weakness:  Exercise, power outages, heart attacks
Description: No one knows the mystery of The Couch Potato's birth. Many believe he was formed through couch fibers, and cheese wiz, others believe he is a product of TV executives. Either way, the myth of the couch potato does not under-mind the sheer evil of this master of reruns.
Last known location:  http://www.sketchmotel.com/matthew


Stacia said...

Nice underpants! This illo made me chuckle...nice that you know your "super" side :)

Ellis Nadler said...