Friday, June 06, 2008

The Weekly Dig

New cover illustration I just finished for Boston's the Weekly Dig. It's an illo for their summer issue, where they wanted me to show fun, summer, childish WATER games. I don't know if Super Soakers are still as popular as they were when I was a kid? They can't be forgotten!

**The Cover PDF has a lighter sky, which I actually think works better."

The open top right is for the Weekly Dig header. I was told that I could have the top left occupied where the character will go over part of the header, with the "dig" area open on the right. One of my favorite reasons for doing cover illustrations are because of the art directors creative layouts, incorporating my work into the entire page so well.

Alright WEEKLY DIG, I'm ready for a Red Sox illustration.

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Gerald said...

Great IF post. Congrats on the Weekly Dig gig. You've got such a unique style to your characters.