Sunday, January 21, 2007

When the illusauri destroyed Philadelphia!

These are a few pictures of my opening a few Friday's ago on January 12th at the Chapterhouse Gallery in Philadelphia. My camera, (the ghetto thing) was eating up the batteries like it was nobody's business, so I was able to sneak in a few before it shut off. I wanted to get pictures of all the work hanging, of guests, and whatnot, but what can you do. The show is still going to be up until March 1st, so if you ever are in Philly, stop on by and check em out.

Sorry they're not close up. There are scans of the pieces throughout the blog, so you can see em there.

Same picture practically, but a little better. Part of a mobile by Rob Cortez can be seen at the top.

Here is my lovely girlfriend Katie in mid conversation with The Dauphin piece in the background.

These are pieces by fellow artist Julie West ( Her work, as many people say looks like mine, which is somewhat true, but there are lots of differences as well. I just became aware of Julie through the show, so it was defiantly shocking to see stuff that is quite similar, but the technique is different, along with many other things, so we're both still doing our own thing. She's lives in London, so I wasn't able to meet her, but boy...She makes some amazing work!

Eleanor Grosh ( was also showing, but my camera died before I could take any snapshots. These are some of the many prints she was selling at the show. Gorgeous images...I hope to get a few for my studio someday!

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